• Ephemerality

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  • Onomatopæia

    [nggallery id=2] Onomatopæia was inspired by a dead bee that was given to me by a friend. By exploring it with a magnifying glass I discovered textures and colors that were not obvious at first glans. The exploration led to the production of the images portrayed in the book. The book’s name comes from the sound …

  • Bug Book

    [nggallery id=1] Bug Book is the logical next step from Onomatopæia. I took my discoveries from the bee and applied them to various other insects. The inspiration for the box itself came from the letterpress studio where a container for brasses and coppers appealed to me.

  • Faces of the Fallen

    [slideshow id=3] Every face has a story to tell. The human waste of war is the inspiration for Faces of the Fallen. Young men and women on the pages of The Washington Post brought me to Arlington National Cemetery where every grave has a story to tell.