Searching for meaning and striving to understand my everyday surroundings has lead
me down the road of discovery. Looking closer at objects and living organisms around
me, I have uncovered wonderful color combinations, patterns and textures that both
serve as artistic inspiration as well as the subject matter in my art. This journey
has forced me to dig deeper, looking for the same textures and colors in emotional
experience. I believe that a truly meaningful experience is a relationship of ones own
existence that derives from thoughts and feelings in the space of ones consciousness.
It is profound and alters ones understanding of the outside world.

My work is personal – a wake up call to address feelings, memory and experience. It
is mostly three dimensional and provokes the audience to think harder and question
what seems obvious at first glance. I use the camera as a tool for my discoveries and
the micro-lens to look at the macrocosms in my environment. The book form serves
me as an artist because to me a book is not solely an object where pages are turned
but a medium for artistic expression. It is a sculptural object where experiences take
place and perception is challenged.
– Kristin Gudbrandsdottir